The Kingsford Vision



  • Kingsford Community School has been a centre of educational excellence for many years now. Located in the heart of Beckton, East London, our school provides an inspiring and effective learning environment for around 1500 young people between the ages of 11-16. We have a strong reputation as innovators in the educational field and we strive to provide the highest quality opportunities in an inclusive student environment. Whilst we uphold traditional values of academic achievement and standards of behaviour, we constantly respond to the changing needs of our students and the demands of higher education and employers.

    A Place for Excellence
    Kingsford Community School is committed to enabling students to realise their potential through the provision of exciting opportunities which help them to develop their talent and realise their potential. At Kingsford, we celebrate and reward both effort and achievement as the most effective way to motivate students towards success.

    A Place for Achievement and Progress
    Propelling our students towards great achievement is at the heart of Kingsford’s ethos. All staff work towards setting achievable targets for pupils and regularly reviewing them, in order for each individual to observe and learn from his/her tangible progress and move forwards to even greater accomplishments.

    A Place for Language Learning
    Kingsford Community School is committed to promoting language teaching and learning, an ambition that has been recognised and extended by the school’s Specialist Language College and Confucius Classroom status. We believe that our Specialist Language status and our international links programme add a positive dimension to all curriculum areas and help raise students’ aspirations, preparing them better for working and living in an increasingly global economy. One of the unique features of Kingsford Community School is that all students study Mandarin at Key Stage 3. There are fast track language groups, where students are entered early for GCSE examinations. The school has been accredited for the second time with the International School Award, a reflection of the school’s continued commitment to and excellence in supporting Languages and adding an international dimension to learning across the whole school curriculum.

    A Place for Equality
    Equality is at the core of everything we do at Kingsford. We believe that everyone at Kingsford is of equal value and entitled to equal opportunities. We have well established systems for monitoring equality. All Learning Areas have their own policies closely linked to the school policy. This ensures that curriculum planning supports our equal opportunities and inclusion strategies. The programmes we offer help to create an ethos where success is recognised but where trying to succeed is recognised also.

    A Place for Partnership
    There is clear evidence that students are more successful if parents and carers are actively involved in their education. We keep parents fully informed of their child’s progress through our Profile System, regular Parents’ Evenings and Student Academic Counselling Days. In the same way, we have developed positive links with primary schools and other secondary schools in both England and abroad. Kingsford’s unique link with independent school Brighton College, the country’s leading co-educational school, has been praised by many (including the Prime Minister) as a model of partnership between the private and maintained educational sectors.

    A Place outside the Classroom
    It is a dominant aspect of the school’s philosophy and ethos to provide a full range of additional opportunities. Kingsford has a strong and valued tradition for providing a huge range of extra-curricular activities, particularly Sport, Drama, Music and Information Technology. Central to the school-based activities is the Learning resource Centre, where students can access numerous resources to support their learning, including a variety of e-learning opportunities such as the world renowned Rosetta Stone online language learning tool, which students can also access at home.